Swiss Quality Outsourcing Outsourcing Outsourcing – “Swiss Quality in Outsourcing”
We are AGILE by Heart!

Switzerland - country of top quality!

Highest Quality and Precision

Products and Services from Switzerland have always been of the Highest Quality and Precision. Not only is this a tradition, it is also vital.

Whether machines, watches or knives, whether pharmaceuticals or chocolate products from Switzerland stand for the Highest Quality and Perfection worldwide. With our name we stand for Swiss Quality and Reliability in terms of the agreed result, flexibility, speed and adherence to delivery dates. 

Agile Services

A really popular Service are our Agile Alignment Workshops.

Agile Software Development

Most time we are asked to use Agile Methodologies in Software Development.

DevOps Services

We want to create common standards and solve everyday problems in the field of DevOps,

Swiss Quality at Top Conditions

Benefit from our excellent expertise in order to expand your development capacities in a demand-oriented, cost-efficient and sustainable way.  

This is “SWISS Quality in Outsourcing” 

Our project management teams take care of your IT projects competently and precisely.

We cover all your needs! 

Perfection for your Software Development & IT

You can continue to benefit from this know-how in the future – the Highest Quality and Perfection for your needs in Agile Software Development, Cloud Services, and IT Management & Support

Your Business needs will be delivered as requested, and as  Precise and Reliable as if you were doing it yourself. 

Overcome bottlenecks and discover the good feeling of having a reliable outsourcing Partner at your side.

Go to the max with us:

Maximum Scalability & Flexibility

Maximum Quality & Reliability

Maximum Communication through experienced partners

Maximum Transparency

Our Business Partner

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Quality & Security

All our locations fulfill the Quality and Security standards and needs according to


Due our Best Practice approach, our Certifications and our 

“SWISS Quality in Outsourcing”

mantra we ensure the best results for all our Clients.